The Kids in the Hall

This probably goes without saying but I like love all of the Kids in all of the Halls!  My love affair with these Canadians began in middle school, when CBS aired their show much later than I preferred to be awake.  By the time I finished high school and began college, Comedy Central was airing repeats from 2p-3p which was perfect.  In college, I actually avoided classes that fell during that time slot.  One must have priorities.

Why do I love this show so much?  I think it’s the absolute ridiculousness of every single sketch.  KITH rarely makes me laugh out loud, like I do when listening to Bill Cosby, but I always have a smirk on my face.  The smirk is how you know it’s really smart.

You may not find this surprising but I kept a running list of quotes from the show that I liked most.  You never knew when you would need a good AIM Away Message or just a pick me up after a sub-par exam.  Here are some of the gems; most of them don’t sparkle here like they do when heard in the context of the sketches.

“Drum LOST!” “Drum FOUND!”

“People think I got the power because I got the monkeys. Nope.  I got the power because I’ll let the monkeys loose.”

“I’m tired. I’m salty. I require sleep.”

“Slipped my miiiiind.”

“It is so cold out there my head nearly fell off!”

“Fake Mom!  Vinyl Mom! Sweet and Low MOM!”

“If my head were veal, which I know it is not… how much would it be worth?”

Mark McKinney is my favorite member of the group and I was once gifted (by the ever-awesome Gabe) an autograph which reads, “Hi Jackie. I’m Mark McKinney. (signed) Mark McKinney”

I once made my friend Ian his own bottle spoon head party inspired by the one seen here:


And here is another brilliant sketch about the only kind of landlord one should ever have:


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