Palindrome dates!

“It’s 3/13/13” my wonderful new office mate said today.

“Hey!  That’s an anagram date!  ….is that right?  Is anagram the term for things that are the same forwards as backwards?”  I replied.

Nope. Actually it’s called a palindrome and only if we ignore the 0, which we will for excitement’s sake. Palindrome, Jackie, palindrome. 3-13-13 which is  31-31-3 which is something to remark about.  So here we are.  Remarking.

Things I like, by Jackie Perry: palindrome dates.  What can be more wonderful than something as uniform as a palindrome?  No matter how you look at it, it’s always comfortingly the same. Constant and reassuring. It’s the visual version of your grandmother’s egg salad, your mom’s chili or your uncle’s Christmas tree.

I Palindrome I

The timing of this particular palindrome date could not be better!  Right before Pi Day.  What a wonderful world indeed!  Tonight I made a strawberry pi in my new pi plate which I will share with my coworkers tomorrow.  Or at least those quick enough to snag a piece.

Bye, bye Miss (Strawberry) Pie.

Bye, bye Miss (Strawberry) Pie.

Merry early Pi Day!

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