Verbifying nouns

Very little makes my heart smile and, likely,  an English teacher’s heart sink, than the act of making a noun into a verb.  It’s so simple and even more rewarding!  You just add an -ing, -ifying, -ed or an -ize to the end of your favorite nouns.

For example:





Speaking of acronymizing, I also really like to pronounce acronyms as if they were words.  DVD is duh-vuh-duh.  SUV is naturally suhv.  FYI is fyeeee. ATM ends up sounding like atom and GPS is ji-pus.  Everyone loves to say LOL so I’m not all that unique in this, really.

Speaking is more fun this way.

Funny enough, although I am 100% in favor of verifying nouns, I am 150% against acronymizing acronyms (a.k.a. a macronym).  For example, AIM for AOL Instant Messenger.  Companies are notorious for this.  I see it used all the time for equipment or project names and it makes my eye brows twitch.

Somewhat related is the phenomenon of the backronym which I did not even realize had a title until today.


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