Corn dogs!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved every single particle that makes up a corn dog.  The warm and delicious center of pig left overs.  The crusty and crunchy wrapping of fried corn meal.  Even the convenient presentation of the meal on a stick!  I love all of it. In high school I ordered a corn dog every other day, when the cafeteria served them.  The brand used by the Anne Arundel County School System had a somewhat green colored dog in the middle but I DID NOT CARE!  They were delicious nonetheless.  I swallowed them, with complete disregard to my intestinal tract, in less than 4 bites. So intense was my love of the heart-attack-on-a-stick, that my Vice Principal actually called me Corn Dog and would give me special shout outs on the days the menu listed the tasty treat.  And even now, 13 years after graduating from high school one of my dear friends who now lives in NY clips coupons for State Fair brand corn dogs and mails them to me. Best. Mail. Ever. These days, I try to limit myself to 2 corn dogs per year; one at the state fair and one at the county fair.

This year’s MD state fair dog had a surprise filling- human heads!!

This year I’ve been spoiled and was treated to one additional dog as the second course to a multi-course affair at my very own home.  It was, to put it mildly, glorious.

Mouth filled with delicious fried yummies....

Mouth filled with delicious fried yummies….

“But Jackie, if you love them so much, why limit yourself to 2 (maybe 3) per year?”  Welp, the answer to that is simple, my friend.  I am much like a dog when it comes to corn dogs (and pizza for that matter) in that my body has no concept of when enough is enough.  If left to my own devices, I promise I would eat 6 or 12 or 18 corn dogs in one sitting and then, naturally, that batch size each and every day.

I do love a corn dog.

Here’s a recipe:


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