Making Stuff: A (Pop Up) Sketchbook

Who doesn’t love a pop up book?  Crazy people, that’s who (or bibliophobics, I guess).

Enter: the Sketchbook Project.  A few years ago my mamma participated in this little experiment run by the Brooklyn Art Library in, you guessed it, Brooklyn NY.

no sleep…

She entered a little sketchbook that she spent a few months working on.  The little book traveled the country in a little truck with many other little books submitted by people all over this fine planet of ours.  At the conclusion of its long and winding road, the little book retired to a little cottage in the woods overlooking a still lake whose shores were gently kissed by a canoe being pushed around in the waves, coming to shore.

Kinda like this

Oh no, wait.

No.  That’s not what happened at all.

The little book ended up back at the Brooklyn Art Library where you can check it out to this very day.  Like, right now!  Go; go and see it!

This year she and I went to my beloved American Visionary Art Museum to peruse through the 2013 editions of the Sketchbook Project while they were in town.  They were simply lovely.  My favorite was a collection of artifacts from a mother’s life, assembled by her daughter.  The mother has Alzheimer’s and does not often remember much at all of her interesting life.  The little scrapbook serves as both a tribute and a record of things easily lost to the hands of time, even before one departs this realm.  It was beautiful.

I was inspired to make my own little book for the traveling show.  And this is what I came up with.  It’s a little Pop Up Sketchbook about paper planes.  It’s threeeeeee deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



It’s full of fun facts about paper planes.



He’s nervous



I think the plane can outrun me.



Pandas can do a surprising amount of origami, considering they have no opposable thumbs.

It's called the ninja.

It’s called the ninja.

Book7 Book15 Book8 Book9

Rosanna's famousa!

Rosanna’s famousa!


The end!

Look for it at your local stop on the 2014 tour!

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