Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

It goes without saying that Jimmy Fallon is killing in the late night television realm.  Late Night was a breath of fresh air in the somewhat stale format.  When he took over the Tonight Show, this tasty treat had sugar sprinkled on top because it was moved to a more reasonable time for old people like me.

So, we had a winner, winner chicken dinner already with just Jimmy on these things and then someone thought to throw Justin Timberlake into the equation and what we have is some of the best television ever.

That team is hilarious!  So, thank you, NBC for listening to the whispers of God when he said, “Pssst.  Invite JT on and let’s get something going.”  And thank you, God, for thinking of that little bit of heaven on Earth.

Here are some of my favorites (beyond the obvious History of Rap series).



Please, someone who can make things happen on the TV, make a show centered on this duo.  Pretty please?


Yesterday was my maternal grandparents’ anniversary.  63 years, my mother told me. We lost both of them in the last year.  Nana on Dec 28th, 2012 and Pop on June 20th, 2013.

They were both such pillars of my family that life feels weird without them.  But, more on that perhaps in another post.



My grandmother was a character.  A firecracker, if you will… and I think you will.

Pop in the back, on the left. Nana in the front, on the left.

Pop in the back, on the left. Nana in the front, on the left.

 One of the many things I like to remember about her is the way she would sing “Hey Good Lookin'” by Hank Williams.  You see, she did not just sing it.  She did this adorable little shoulder shimmy and gave you flirty eyes.  Usually, she just sang the chorus and it made me smile every time

Yesterday I was returning something to Forever 21 and entered the mall through Macy’s.  When I entered, what was playing?  “Hey Good Lookin'”  It made me smile and I hung around in the women’s section just to here the remainder of the song.

Happy 63rd anniversary Nana and Pop.  I miss you guys like you wouldn’t believe so your little check-ins are appreciated.